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PharmaACE is a growing global healthcare analytics and consulting firm, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. Our team is comprised of business analysts/consultants, physicians/HCPs, statisticians/data scientists/machine learning experts, and software engineers/business intelligence/technology experts, who have joined us from universities including Harvard, IIMs, IITs, and Rutgers. PharmaACE is based across the US, Canada, Europe, and India. We provide consulting, analytics, technology, and business solutions using our worldwide delivery model for a wide range of clients that include established, multinational biopharma leaders and innovators, as well as entrepreneurial firms on the cutting edge of science. We have deep expertise in forecasting, AIML and advanced analytics, business analytics, competitive intelligence, chart audits, commercial and sales analytics, leveraging technology as an enabler across these functional areas, and setting up analytics centers of excellence for our clients. Our therapeutic area experience cuts across oncology (solid and hematological malignancies), immunology, CNS, CV/met, rare diseases, and many others. We support our clients’ needs in primary care, specialty care, and hospital business units, and we have managed portfolios in the biologics space, branded pharmaceuticals, generics, APIs, diagnostics, and packaging and delivery systems.

We have an extremely client-centric and people-centric culture. We put extra emphasis on our robust training programs that continue to evolve based on the rich experience we gather by working directly with our clients as their extended arm. We have shaped excellent career trajectories of our people (who we refer to as PACERS) who often get client exposure as soon as they join us. Through a combination of our strong learning culture and tremendous learning opportunities with clients in our integrated model (partner vs. vendor), we have had PACERS who have grown through the ranks in our client organizations, or have led practices internally and taken them to new heights. Our delivery-based sales model is unique in the industry, and our 100% repeat business rate and excellent client satisfaction survey results reflect the high level of trust between our client stakeholders and us. Our innovative solutions ranging from Excel-based models and consolidators in forecasting that run in the cloud, to AIML-based predictive alerts that guide reps to have outcome-driven conversations with physicians, have WOW’ed our clients.

We seek people with the right attitude, hunger to learn, and great humility, who are willing to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and go the extra mile, in their quest to achieve excellence. Join our PACERS and become one yourself, as we continue to enhance our client- and people-centric culture and achieve even greater heights!

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