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Our Story

PharmaACE operates at the intersection of science, data, technology and business strategy. Our consultants provide clients with innovative solutions based on deep industry insights, analytical expertise, and an unbiased perspective.

With our focus on data analytics and modelling, we knew we had to deal with the unmet need around tools and technologies.

Our IT journey, therefore, started hand in hand with our consulting practice. Today, our technology experts not only create customized platforms and tools, but also work on data analytics, using Big Data and Machine Learning.

Our Teams

The talent in our teams spans across diverse backgrounds such as our qualified physicians, pharmacists, engineers and data scientists

Our Clients

Our selective and elite client base includes established, multinational bio-pharmaceutical leaders and innovators, as well as entrepreneurial firms on the cutting edge of science

Major Therapeutic Areas

Our expertise spans across multiple therapy areas: Oncology, Immuno-science, CNS, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, and Rare Diseases, and many others.

Client Testimonials

Our Solutions


Why Us?

From Concept to Execution

The majority of our projects go beyond strategic recommendations and deliver real time implementation of tools and capabilities.

Simplified Value-Driven Solutions

Solutions to all business needs under one roof. From day-to-day tactical analytics to long-term strategic plans, our comprehensive solutions platforms can solve any business problem.

Tailored Approach

It’s no longer necessary to take a one-size-fits-all approach. We identify and adapt based on the need of the project

Client Value

Partnering with clients to build lasting value is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. We learn from our clients and explore new technologies to optimize our offerings and deliverables.

People and Culture

Our seasoned professionals have the attitude for getting it right the first time. Our diverse, passionate and creative teams are experienced enough to understand the nature of challenges and opportunities they could encounter in various client projects

Trust and Relationships

We conduct our business with along term outlook providing value on a consistent basis. Our reputation for delivering cost effective superior services and exceptional results has led to long lasting relationships & great trust with our clients

Projects till date
Employees globally
Therapy Areas
Projects till date
Employees globally
Therapy Areas


100 Overlook Center,
Floor 2, Princeton,
NJ, 08540
Tel: +1 609 375 2125
Fax: +1 609 375 2001


5770 Hurontario Street
Suite 103
Mississauga ON L5R 3G5


PharmaACE GmbH,
Mezzagoring 10,
68799 Reilingen


IT-9 Qubix Business Park,
Hinjewadi Phase 1,
Pune, MH, 411057
Tel: +91 20 6799 2999
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